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Kitesurfing lessons



Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is one of the most fun sports we have ever done! It’s fast, fun, highly addictive and suitable for people of all ages. You should be a competent swimmer and be willing to learn about all the elements to become proficient and safe.

When you see kiter’s doing their thing it looks almost effortless, but a lot of work has gone into learning those skills. Even if you’re an experienced surfer, wakeboarder or sailor, the basics of kite flying will need to be learned. But don’t be fooled kiting can be very dangerous.
Learning to kite the safe way is an important part of our teaching process, we aim to coach our students to become safe, independent and competent riders after completing our beginner’s program. Our instructors are the most experienced in Sydney. We are IKO accredited and follow a tried and tested lesson plan that explains all aspects of the sport. In short, we don’t cut any corners!

Our mission is to give you all the skills to be a safe kiter and get you having fun as fast as possible so you can enjoy the sport for years to come.

To learn kitesurfing it will take around 11+ hours of lessons. This includes the 3hr intro course.


Intro lesson($199 per person – 3hrs)
Kitesurfing can be dangerous and is not a “give it a go” type of sport. There are many things to understand before you can fly a kite. Similar to a scuba course, the first half of the course takes place in a classroom learning theory needed for kitesurfing. The second half is practical outdoors. We will NOT be at the beach during the intro course. Once this course is complete and you will be ready for water lessons.


Zero 2 hero. ($760 per person – 8hrs of lessons)
New for the 2018 season is the ‘Zero 2 hero’ kitesurfing course. Split into several levels, over the duration of a few days, this course offers you the best value for money by learning in small groups, without cutting any corners on instruction. You will learn at a steady rate and reach achievable goals. At the end of the course, you will be ready to enter the wilds with a kite and be self-sufficient and safe. Learning in a group environment will also allow you to meet future kite buddies.
*Beginners must complete the intro course first.


One on 1. ($240 per 2hr lesson)
We can offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. Pricing is the same for all levels.
Sometimes it’s nice to be treated as #1! Be a little selfish and lock in one of our guys to be your dedicated instructor for each lesson.
Getting bored going back and forth, want to add some style to your riding and need a little push in the right direction? Our instructors can teach you a new skill you’d like to learn. Advanced lessons are aimed at the kiter who already owns their gear and knows how to ride around comfortably.
We can offer advanced lessons on twin-tip, strapless surfboard, hydrofoiling, skimboard or just performance coaching on style.
*Beginners must complete the intro course first.


Lesson availability
The intro course starts on a Saturday or Sunday mornings and must be booked in with us. Practical lesson are run every day there is wind for One on 1 and Zero 2 Hero. The intro course starts on a Saturday or Sunday mornings. and depending on students can run sessions anytime after that on the weekend or mid week depending on conditions and bookings. Give us a call at least 3-4 days in advance so we can check the forecast.

Lesson booking
To book in or get more info you can call or email for availability and be added to our newsletter

Wind based sports is a weather dependent sport. Basically you need a little wind, the ideal wind is 12 to 16 knots. Please make sure you call your allocated instructor either the day before or on the actual day of your course to check that your lessons are going ahead. In the event of rain we will cancel the lesson to be continued at a later date.

What to wear / equipment
All equipment will be supplied – this includes kite and board. You just need to bring shoes to wear in the water (wetsuit booties or Dunlop volley’s), we sell booties if you want a good pair, a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. A wet suit will come in handy depending on the time of the year.


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